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The library is one of the largest rooms in the castle, with row after row of shelves all overflowing with books. Comfortable chairs, couches, and small tables are scattered around, though they always seem to be in danger of being assimilated by the shelves.

Books are a large part of my life; I read compulsively, and have for as long as I can remember. Iíve heard people worry that the popularity of the Internet and the appearance of e-books might lead to the demise of the paper book, but so far I havenít seen any sign that thatís the case. However, html - and other, more arcane ways of delivering information - offer intriguing new possibilities for storytelling. Some are already being explored, and some (as far as I know) are not.

Consider, for example, the following:
Tedís Caving Page (warning: popups)
Dionaea House

I will be experimenting with alternate storytelling formats of my own, in the ďExperimentalĒ section of the library. Some of my old short stories will go in the ďShortĒ shelves, and there will be room for Rants and Essays, and information about my Novels as well. If the mood takes me, I may also include an account of my long and tiresome quest to get my work published - likely that will go in the Rants and Essays section. Finally, there is the Canon: my list of suggested readings.
Take your time, and enjoy. Feedback is always welcome.


Books from the shelves: