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The Book of Parenting

Theron the Baby-barian! Table of Contents
Chapter One: The surprisingly messy Miracle of Birth
Chapter One - Version Two! My wife tells her story of the birth
Chapter Two: First Impressions of Fatherhood
Chapter Three: Theron at Seven Weeks
Chapter Four: Okay, so... What was I thinking?
Chapter Five: Cute Little Baby Milestones
Chapter Six: More new developments (with pictures!)
Chapter Seven: Getting the Baby to Sleep Alone
Chapter Eight: Why babies are fun
Chapter Nine: Babies, Santa, and Neurolinguistic Development
Chapter Ten: The Fine Art of Baby Wrangling
Chapter Eleven: More Baby Anecdotes
Chapter Twelve: Small Baby Walking
Chapter Thirteen: I guess I can't call him a baby anymore
Chapter Fourteen: Baby jokes
Chapter Fifteen: "Nothing can stop The Juggernaut!"
Chapter Sixteen: One Full Year
Chapter Seventeen: Busy, Busy, Busy
Chapter Eighteen: The Amazing Dancing Zombie Toddler
Chapter Nineteen: Our little chubby-cheeked Wolverine
Chapter Twenty: How to Scare Your Parents
Chapter Twenty-One: Boys, Money, and White Powder
Chapter Twenty-Two: A Brief Interlude Before Christmas
Chapter Twenty-Three: The Official Post-Christmas Damage Assessment
Chapter Twenty-Four: The Unexpected Dangers of Parenting
Chapter Twenty-Five: Words and Numbers
Chapter Twenty-Six: Elmo Rules Our World
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Almost Two
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Birthdays, Bouncing, and Books
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Bigger, Smarter, Faster, Better, More
Chapter Thirty: More Talking, More Temper
Chapter Thirty-One: Mischief
Chapter Thirty-Two: Two and One-Third Years Old
Chapter Thirty-Three: Our Little Parrot
Chapter Thirty-Four: Pre-Christmas Implosion '08!
Chapter Thirty-Five: Ah, Christmas, with its Spirit of Giving
Chapter Thirty-Six: "I Am Older"
Chapter Thirty-Seven: "More Pillows?"
Chapter Thirty-Eight: "Theron is a little boy"
Chapter Thirty-Nine: A Rather Trying Weekend
Chapter Forty: Now We Are Three
Chapter Forty-One: In Which Theron Becomes A Wingy Monster
Chapter Forty-Two: Road Trip!
Chapter Forty-Three: In Which Theron Becomes A Puppy Dog
Chapter Forty-Four: Arr, Matey!
Chapter Forty-Four Part Two: Arr, Matey! (Continued!)
Chapter Forty-Five: In Which The Holidays Fall On Us Like An Avalanche
Chapter Forty-Six: Digging Our Way Out
Chapter Forty-Seven: Soon To Be A Brother
Special Bonus Story! The Alligator Who Finds A Spider Tank, by Theron and Mommy
Chapter Forty-Eight: Roland Arrives!
Chapter Forty-Nine: An Avalanche of Catastrophes
Chapter Fifty: Little Brothers Are Cute
Chapter Fifty-One: Crazy Summer
Chapter Fifty-Two: Summer In Texas
Chapter Fifty-Three: Growing Boys
Chapter Fifty-Four: Halloween Is Over
Chapter Fifty-Five: Did We Survive December?
Chapter Fifty-Six: Closing the Journal