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Closing the Journal
(August 24, 2011)

Okay, so I haven't updated this journal in about eight months. (The last entry was posted on December 30, and entitled "Did We Survive December?" This seems even funnier in retrospect.) To be honest, I'm not really going to update the journal now, either. The resources I was using to build these pages aren't really available anymore, and I simply haven't had the time and energy to create updates using newer tools.  

However, I haven't quit writing about parenting, family stuff, and the boys. Not even close. I've simply been posting those writings on the Blog o' Doom instead. But, before I send you over there, I want to put in a word of warning. The Blog o' Doom is aptly named. Part of the reason I was keeping the Book of Parenting separate from the Blog o' Doom was that the blog contains material that isn't always... family-friendly. It's not deliberately offensive, but I haven't made any particular effort to keep it safe, either. So if you're easily offended, or might be better off not knowing about my socio-political opinions, I'd advise you to stick with the Parenthood Tag. It's still not entirely safe, but it's as close as I can get without moving all the family stuff to a completely new blog. And if you scroll down to the bottom and click on the link for "older posts," you can see all the things that I probably should have been putting over here.

There is one advantage to moving everything to the Blog o' Doom: you can leave comments!

Thanks for sticking with the Book of Parenting. I'm sorry it took so long to figure out what to do next with it. But hey, at least there's a plan, right? And you can still see what's going on in our crazy little world.