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This section is devoted to my writing projects. I have very mixed feelings about putting up anything I actually hope to publish, so most of what you'll find here is information about the writing process in general. There will be information about projects that I'm working on, but the projects themselves will not be included.

World Building I:
The World of Gai

World Building II:
The Awakenings
D20 Campaign


Writing Combat I:
The Class

Writing Combat II:
A Single Move



Writing Combat III:
Swords vs. Everything


The image for World Building II was taken from a Clip Art CD I purchased years ago. If you are associated with the artist or distributor and feel that my using it here constitutes some sort of copyright violation, please contact me by email. The art for World Building I is copyright to Billy R "Amadeus" Browning and may not be used without permission. It is used here with permission.