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The World of Gai

Gai is the setting for my book, Warrior's Legacy, and possibly some other stories (as yet unwritten) also. It falls under the general category of worlds where both magic and technology work; similar settings are found in the Final Fantasy series of video games, the Rifts roleplaying game, and some of L. E. Modesitt's work (particulary his Recluse Saga and Corean Chronicles).

When I originally wrote Warrior's Legacy, it was the first book-length project that I had made any significant progress on (let alone actually completed) in years. Overall, I don't think it came out too badly - not for my first book since I was sixteen - but it's very long, and I think it tries to go in too many directions. As a result, the pacing feels somewhat off to me: the narrative wanders in the middle, and the end feels a bit rushed.

So, I'm rewriting it from the ground up. Having written it once, I now have a very clear view of the world and the characters - and a much better idea of what I want to do with the story. There are also some things I want to change, or to leave out entirely. In preparation for the rewrite, I've put together a series of articles that cover various aspects of the setting. This is partly to firm things up, and partly to give myself something to refer back to when I (inevitably) get confused or need ideas.


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