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Texas snopesters Gathering '05

These pictures were taken at the Metroplex snopester Gathering in July of 2005. The gathering went splendidly, and as far as I know everyone involved had a wonderful time. It began with a meal at the Clay Pit in Addison, Texas, and then moved to a nearby hotel for swimming and further socializing.

A combined image taken at the Clay Pit. The two original images are below. I need a camera with a wide-angle lens.


One side of the table...


...and the other. I've left the names off this set, because the table arrangement would make them confusing.


Basically just circling the table, here. This end has Morgaine's husband, Mssr. Du Faries, (and their child with his back to the camera),  Fowlplay, and Lilybet on the left. On the right you can see Meatypop, Mama Duck, and LolaRennt


This is is the other end of the table (picture taken over Morgaine's shoulder). On the right side of the table are Chloe, Kabouter, and Lady Lockeout. Starla and Arrow Tech IV are on the left.


Taken at the hotel room, much later in the evening. From right to left: Mr. Lockeout, Lady Lockeout, Turquoise Girl, Arrow Tech IV, and you can just see Chloe at the end there. LolaRennt was just behind me, trying to mess up the picture.


The other side of the hotel room. From left to right (just for a change): Jackie In The Elevator, Lilybet, Chloe (hiding) and Arrow Tech IV.