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Welcome to the virtual home of Michael Mock.

I always wanted to live in a castle, and since I'm not even remotely able to afford a real one, I thought I'd build one online. Its content and layout are largely a reflection of its owner's whims, so if you have trouble finding something, be patient and keep exploring. Since this is an imaginary castle, its floor plan isn't fixed; things may move around a bit, especially if you aren't watching them closely.

Nevertheless, I do try to keep the place organized. Most everything here is much where you might expect to find it. For example, writings are in the library, and personal information is in my study. Though I'm told that there's a madness to my method, I think you'll find the place easy enough to navigate - and if not, well, it's kind of fun to explore. There's even a secret . Why not?

Right now you're standing at the front door.  It may look a little forbidding, but don't let that stop you. Come in and have a look around...